Resolution Magazine Podcast

Podcast #2 - 27/03/09
Join Lewis Denby and J.D. Richardson, one third of the "Resolution Massive", as they take you on a wild journey of beer-fueled podcasting. This month's show includes discussion of some newly released titles, an argument about Portal, and the pair not knowing who incredibly well-respected game designers are.  A special prize* for anyone who can correctly count the number of times Lewis says "kind of" or "sort of."

*Prize may not exist.

Podcast #1 - 01/03/09
Join Lewis Denby (General Editor) and Andy Johnson (Features Editor) as they talk about horror's cross-pollination into the FPS genre, consider the creative values of indie development, provide half-arsed critiques of a few new games, and battle with abominable sound issues that cause the podcast to be cut short.  Lewis's voice keeps cropping up where it's not supposed to be - but then, that's always the case, really.